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UsenetNewsServer is your
alt.binaries specialist!

Welcome to UsenetNewsServer.Com, your complete newsgroups resource. Please read on to learn more about the world's best Usenet newsgroup server company. Premium newsgroup access, 24 hour a day customer support, state of the art newsgroup servers and so much more. We are your usenet newsgroups source whether it be for downloading the latest amateur music files, adult picture and entertainment , program files, clip art, or for participating in world wide discussion group forums covering every topic under the rainbow from politics, art, sex, science, customs, medicine or 1000's of other topics. ALL ACCOUNTS NOW COME WITH FREE SSL ENCRYPTION!!!

UsenetNewsServer Rates

Starting as low as $5.95 per month! offers you thousands upon thousands of newsgroups, all of your favorite mp3, movie, programs, and picture newsgroups - all of the time. We do so using high speed state of the are news servers.

  Gigs of Download || Price
bronze 3 $5.95 per month
Silver 10 $9.95 per month
Gold 30 $17.95 per month
Platinum 30 $24.95 per month
See our Pricing Page
for more details
See our Pricing Page
for more details

We are the alt.binaries specialists!

  • Completion
    UsenetNewsServer.Com strives to maintain the best completion rates in the industry at over 99% completion. With our strong peering arrangement we have the ability to capture all the available messages posted to the usenet all around the world. Combine our great completion rate with up to 600 days retention in binaries groups and you can't find a better news server company. Also, all memberships now come with free SSL encryption.
  • Retention
    Our goal is to maintain a minimum of up to 1200 days retention in binaries groups, and up to 1200+ days in all text groups.
  • Super Fast Download Speed
    The latest server and network technology combined with multiple bandwidth providers allow you to take advantage of superfast download speeds. We do not cap or throttle download speeds. Many ISP's throttle your access speed to 3rd party usenet companies, if your's does let us know and we can help you get around those speed throttles so you'll get the fastest available download speeds. We allow up to 30 simultaneou connections from your news reader to our servers. Free SSL encryption also on all accounts.
  • Up Time
    Our server system is massive and redundant. With two centers in the USA and one in Europe, you will always have connection options.
  • Customer Support
    Our Support Staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your support questions will usually be answered in minutes, always within 24 hours.
  • Privacy
    We do not keep log files of what our customers download from the Newsgroups. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.
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  • DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) Information


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